Web Dating For the Single 30 Something Woman

Life is not fair. Guys get all the breaks. You’ve devoted all of your 20’s for you to get your career off the ground. Not really that you just haven’t been dating…you have, although not seriously. Now here you are…30 a specific program and there’s absolutely no long-term relationship in sight. You are able to truly hear your biological clock ticking.

To express a precious couple of years to locate a man in order to adore, make him adore you, get wedded, and have a kid or its lights out. You are already aware all of the guys within your sociall group. Not they aren’t decent guys…some of them…but not one of them are Mr Right. What’s a lady to accomplish?

Consider online dating. You have a chance to read numerous profiles and look at numerous pictures in search of which “someone” which will be right for you. Perhaps he will live in the same city you do…maybe he will live across the country and even in another country completely. You aren’t limited to only those guys that you come in contact with individually. The possibilities are limitless.

“Is internet dating safe”, you ask. “Aren’t the web dating websites constructed entirely of perverts, sexual predators as well as weirdoes in assorted shapes and sizes? ” the actual short answer is, no they may not be. Any longer anyway. Which was accurate once the best internet dating sites online initially arrived on the scene great it’s popular.

It’s as safe while you make it utilizing common sense and sound judgment. Make use of the same caution that you simply would when conference any stranger. Don’t give your real title, address or telephone number until you feel safe doing so. Don’t rush into a face-to-face conference until you are self-confident and then make the very first meeting within a public place as well as during hours of sunlight. Give it the try…Mr. Right may be a few clicks of the mouse aside.

Chase Weston is the writer who launched the web dating system and created a great article titled: internet dating sites for married people.


  1. norrin_shadowwolf

    So I have dated many women, all found me weird and unappealing (by many I mean around 30). Most of my friends I have ever had only needed me to help them through classes or with a computer problem or to drive them to the airport or just stupid things never to actually be a friend.

    I joined clubs being active and open minded. Been in many and done many events but people are all just fair weather its all about what I can do for them. Tried social network dating for people who were like minded once again they still found me weird cause I enjoyed things that were childish or unbecoming or stupid to them. People who thought watching anime or playing Magic, or playing games on a table like Battletech or something found me to be the weirdest person on the planet.

    I’m not crazy even seen help several times (just in case) and each one has told me I’m completely mentally sane. I work hard, am polite and try to be the best gentleman I can but women like me the way you like your crazy cousin you don’t mind seeing him once in a while but not for long periods of times.

    Now someone might say, “Well get some friends” my response to you they are all fair weather just like the women. Let a “friend” live with me in my apartment none of them ever pay rent, or do anything to help. Others borrow things and then they just magically “disappear” or “vanish.”

    I have done everything gone to parks with my dog, given time to help people, buy homeless people food, been as nice as possible and I want to just die cause no matter how nice I am the same type of jocks from back in high school get “real friends” and women who want them. (excuse my yelling) BUT THEY ARE COMPLETE JERKS!!

    I don’t have anything going for me at all, got a degree, work my butt off, and then after all my social duties that I gave myself just so I see people outside my workplace. I come home sit down, tear up, and just stare at my ceiling. I can’t stand life, can’t help but wish that somehow I could just be a jock be the very thing I hate to just have a single friend or someone who cared.

    Worst part of all is being a nerd or geek is supposed to be cool now? How do people call it cool now when the “supposed” ones are adored, but people can turn around and call “real nerds/geeks” losers. I remember getting stuffed in a locker, and broken down just cause I was smart and enjoyed playing chess. I remember clawing through books like they were dreams come true. Now I’m as socially empty if not more then back in high school the supposed “golden years” of a persons life.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is at my ropes end nothing left but to either let go or just hold on for years until my time comes. What can I do to turn my life around nothing works I have done all those self help books and taken advise posted by people across the web gone out of my comfort zone, even did blind dates (those were the worst so you know), and all the happiness I have is when I’m asleep with no thoughts or feelings to hurt me or make me sad.

    What should I do? I just don’t know, please someone anyone know if I can somehow get something to change my life at all even the smallest.

  2. Sahil

    Okay, we’ve been dating for almost 2 years, and I’ve lived with him in his apartment for the last year. He’s an older man, I’m a younger woman. And here’s why I’ve believed that he’s cheated, it’s driving me CRAZY:
    He used to be passionate and sweet and considerate, but he told me a few months after I moved in with him (he invited me to do that), that the “chase” is over. I dropped my life to move in with him, and he told me he wanted “space.” Where was I supposed to go/do? He became a serious workaholic where he’d work more than 40-50hrs a week (leave at 7am, come back later than 6 or 7pm sometimes)- but while cleaning the place up, I found his old pay stubs AND noticed that on weeks where’d he’d told me he’d WORKED a lot, he’d ACTUALLY only worked maybe 25-30 hrs in a week. Okay, so he’s leaving a 7am & coming back sometimes 12 hrs. later? I confronted him about it, but he said that it couldn’t be right. I talked with him, that if he was feeling different, he could tell me! i tried as hard as I could to assure him that I’d be understanding, and I’d appreciate it if he was just honest with me! Around the same time that he became a “workaholic” our intimacy seriously went away, & he blamed it on stress/overworking. When he’d get drunk/high he’d say things like, “maybe you should start dating younger men,” or “maybe you should call a single’s hotline,” or (repeatedly) “I’m an asshole for the things I do and the way I live my life” (with a smile on his face, suspiciously looking at me). As soon as he’d say these things, I’d immediately ask him WHY but he’d always reply, “I’m just kidding. You know me, I’m never serious” or he’d completely deny ever saying things like that. One day I found a tank top (NOT MINE) stuffed into the corner of a closet- I know it wasn’t there before. He talked to me for 3 HOURS, assuring me that it wasn’t what I thought it was. When we started dating, the topic of cheating came up and he got down on his knees in front of me, looked me in the eyes and told me that he’d never, ever do that to me and had never done that before. Well, several months after I moved in with him he said to me, “You would never know that I was cheating on you. I’d make sure that you’d never find out.” I felt like he was messing with my mind! Saying one thing, and then saying something completely different later, and then denying afterwards! Well, for the past 2 months he’s had to deliver newspapers with his sister. Since he’s unemployed he jumps at it, but stays with his sister for weeks to avoid wasting gas by driving back and forth every day. I know that his sister DOES offer him the job, but still it feels funny to me & I can’t pin it. One day a “how to flirt” text messaging service texted his phone while I was using it, and he completely denied knowing how it had been subscribed to him. Does that even happen? Another day he told me that he’d set up a new e-mail cuz a bunch of dating websites that he USED to be on a long, long time ago kept emailing him. Well, I found out that those web sites that he’d told me been on a “long, long” time ago, he’d set up within the last two months while he was at his sisters! I know all the signs are there, but his friends have told me that he hasn’t cheated on me and that he’s a pretty straightforward guy, and I should trust him. I know I had trust issues w/ ppl before I met him, so I don’t know who to trust- him or my gut? My gut’s been wrong before…

  3. Eric

    I am in need of some serious advice and would appreciate only sincere and genuine responses to this situation. I’m a 30-year-old mother of two girls ages 10 and 5 and a baby on the way with my boyfriend whom I’ve been dating for about 8 months now. We don’t live together because I wanted to be married prior to living together. And of course preferably before having another child, but to late for that. I have been a single mom for years now and have adjusted my life financially to accommodate my girls and myself. I own a daycare and web design company. I’m not rich however, I am blessed to maintain and provide for my family so I am financially stable.

    My boyfriend has been having a hard time getting his life back on track. He was laid off his job last year and lost his apartment. So he’s been house hoping until he is able to afford a place of his own. He was finally blessed with a job; however, the hours fluctuate week by week, which further frustrates him because he is yearning for stability. We have talked about marriage and its something that we both want to do. I’m hesitant because I’ve been in two relationships were I have been the primary financial provider and taking care of a man and that’s not a road I want to travel down again. From his point of view, he does not want to marry me and actually refuses to marry me until he is financially stable and feels like a man in our relationship to provide for not only our unborn child but my two girls and me as well. Not to mention, I am currently also taking care of my younger sister and her child and so I have a lot on my plate and don’t want to make a stupid decision of marrying this man and fully committing to him rich, poor, or whatever and then be made a fool of.

    I feel horrible that he doesn’t have a place to live and he barely talks to me now because he doesn’t feel like a man. I want a complete family unit for my children and myself and I have no problem with working together with my partner as long as were on the same page. I feel as though if we come together we can really make our lives together work and comfortable. We know that we aren’t getting married just because I’m pregnant or because of his financial situation, but because we genuinely love each other. However, he is a prideful man which I respect 100%. And I don’t want to do anything to make him feel less of a man, but I know for a fact that if the roles were reversed he would open his home to me and marry me tomorrow. However, as a woman my greatest fear is that if we do get married and live together it could possibly make the situation worse or cause him to be lazy because he knows that I will always make sure my children have what they need and I will always pay my bills and not wait on anyone. Of course that’s what has happened in previous relationships and I couldn’t dream of going through that again. Not to mention, I want my relationship / marriage to be a positive example to my children. Sorry this is so long.

    So I have 3 questions:
    1.How important is financial security before marriage?
    2.Should we put off marriage because he is struggling or should we come together, make it work and build a foundation as one?
    3.Should I continue doing what I’m doing solo and hope he gets it together?

    Thanks for your advice in advance!!!!

  4. Vultre9

    Is it really necessary to post so many to give potential dates an idea of who you are?
    Does it make you think they are more in love with themselves than they could ever be with anyone else?

  5. SKATEskum

    I used to be a king at picking up girls at bars, but am getting too old and my responsibilities at work have forced me into a busy schedule I can no longer find time enjoying myself in. What are some internet dating sites that have helped you find true love?

  6. Caltel T

    I’ve tried some dating sites before and have noticed that the free ones are usually not as quality as the pay ones, but some of the pay ones don’t give you many results. Can anyone suggest a good site or one to stay away from?


  7. kerrin marz

    Do you think they are a good option? Are there too many creepers? Other thoughts?
    And for those of you who use them/have used them and met your significant other through them, do you have any tips?
    The thing is, there are psychos living next door to us, around the next corner, working in the same building. So I you can’t just reject internet dating because their are crazy people out there. I see it as a way to possibly meet some sketchy people (like you could meet anywhere) but also to widen your dating pool. And I can’t disregard the option because many happy couples found each other over the internet.

  8. Zanto

    Only 1 in a 100 contacts you and of those only 1 in 10 actually meet you. I prefer to let the women decide if they want to meet me by having an honest and accurate profile.

  9. Peter

    There seem to be many fake female profiles luring guys to other sites, phishing scams, or strange email mazes. Are there actually any real, interesting, attractive, intelligent ladies hoping to find the same in a guy?

  10. Jeanelle the Retard

    My friend suspects her husband is cheating, and we’ve already found him on a couple of sites. I’m not familiar with the internet dating scene, so I was wondering what some sites are. I know match.com and eharmony.
    Thanks, guys! This has been very informative! We did find him on adultfriendfinder, but I had no idea about these sites geared towards cheaters. How sick!

  11. johnkaiser 22

    I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now and have found out he has been logging in to various dating sites but has given me no cause to think hes taking things any further than that what should i do, is it a form of cheating or should i let it go?

  12. David

    I am asking just out of interest. It seems I see couples every day that met on internet dating or social sites. It seems really strange to me and you hear so many horror stories and how people just lie most of the time. I’m happy for those that it has worked out for, but is it really worth the risk?

    p.s. I am not asking because I want to use one. I am happily taken :)

  13. x_blind_x_gamer_x

    Would you say its something worth trying? Was it a quick process or time consuming? Sorry more than one Q. Tried with no results and found a lot of solicitation instead.

  14. norrin_shadowwolf

    Guys don’t even have biological clocks we can have kids until were 110 years old why do I feel my biological clock ticking at 40 it’s not like i’m a chick, right? I can go have kids with a 21 year old if I wanted to. So, ok everyone tell me how ridiculous it is for me to worry about my biological clock. and go.

  15. henryshensbcglobalnet

    I have a girlfriend, but I have been checking out internet dating sites out of interest. I put a profile of myself up, and got sent invites by three single mothers in a day.

  16. Vultre9

    They always take their picture in their car looking up to try to stretch their neck fat out. Are they the only ones that think that they are fooling people or does this actually help them out in some sort of way?

  17. airdogspace2

    Has anyone tried these sites? Are you really full of weirdos who are unable to have a relationship? I was thinking of joining one and a friend told me that all the girls he met there are just unable to have relationships in real life. Is this true?

  18. unbleevable39

    I know of an extremely abusive man on RSVP, adultmatchmaker adultfriendfinder and probably other sites within Australia.. How can i warn female members about him there seems to be no avenue to do so on either of the sites.

  19. Marshal

    It seems that if you want to meet someone on the internet you must pay a company to meet someone. Is there a internet site that you can meet people that might share your interests with out having to pay? Is there a dating service on the internet that you don’t have to give money to to meet someone?

  20. John

    I want to know, how do you feel about internet dating sites? Do you feel that people who use internet dating sites are desperate? Is it a good way to meet new people? Is it right for people to put their information out there on dating sites for everyone to see, especially if they are married or in a relationship? I would like to know your thoughts and comments on this.

  21. Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag

    have sex with them & claiming she does not want a relationship?
    I can imagine most peoples answer to this but is thier something like a psychiatric condition going on with her?
    Also- spends like 12 hours a day looking for guys to meet & spend that kind of time with them…not exaggerating about the time frame she spends online for this purpose. She has had 5 different guys in one week!!

  22. mavis24

    I’m 20, and I absolutely can’t find a boyfriend in real life. I’m really, really lonely. I’ve actually NEVER had a boyfriend in my whole life.

    Since I can’t find one in my daily life… what do you think the chances of me finding one on eharmony are? Have you had any positive experiences with internet dating?

    I feel like a loser for even considering it… but how else am I ever going to find anyone?

  23. MAK & CHEESE

    No matter what inventive or charming messages you send out, in order to kick start a conversation, it always seems as though the person just disappears, and the friendship doesn’t go anywhere.

  24. BRUTE

    Most of them are total horny freaks that are just looking for sex. They make me sick.

    They try to hook up with as many girls as possible – even the ones that say they want a relationship.

    Guys on internet dating sites are dogs. Do you agree?

  25. Boo Cookie

    internet dating sites what is going on. the men on there are either after just one thing, liers, desperate on the rebound weirdos. i have been on several for several years and never again. has anyone out there got a success story they can tell from dating sites?

  26. EzioAuditore1459

    I am 23, almost 24, female who has been single for quite some time…Am I took young to start using the internet dating sites? I am having trouble finding a young man who will treat me with respect and not just looking for sex. I want a real relationship

  27. Bryant B

    Honestly, i just checked a few out and this is what i saw….

    Fat single mothers creating elaborate profiles urging men to submit an application for approval (email) most if them require a picture, and many require that you post all the info the site asks for (i.e. income).

    So you apply for conversation from these socially inferior women and pray they respond.

    How sad. Ill stick with the old fashioned way.

  28. superdork

    We met on an internet dating site. We are together all the time. We have only been dating for two and a half months. But, he has practically moved in, and continues to get on the internet dating sites when I am not around. He says he is only checking his emails, but why is he still doing this? I don’t want to scare him off by being too pushy, but if he cared about me would he still be doing this? Guys… I could use some help here, please!

  29. Milk84

    What are some good internet dating sites and which ones should I stay clear from? I’ve tried Yahoo Personals and Match but Yahoo is very glitchy and they recycle the same ads over and over again to make it appear there are more ads than there really are. I can’t stand Match and I think both sites rip you off. I don’t mind paying, to me I could spend a lot more than $30 at the bar picking up on girls, I just want to get more bang for my buck than what Match and Yahoo have to offer.

  30. everythingisgonnabefine

    I’m thinking about starting internet dating because I don’t know where to met new guys. What sites are best? I was thinking eharmony or match. I’m looking to eventually get into a serious relationship… no booty calls or sex with 10 different guys and I don’t want to meet guys who are into that either! Anybody have any advice or tips? Thanks in advance!

  31. norrin_shadowwolf

    Okay on a free dating site a beautiful woman can get 40 e-mails within an hour and 200+ e-mails a day

    An average maybe slightly out of shape woman can at least get 40 e-mails a day, its all weighted in the womans favour, its so comepetitive why do men bother to even use them?

  32. veemodz

    I’m a shy girl, so getting out there and flirting with some random guy is just not my thing. When men first see me they automatically assume I’m distant and don’t want to talk to anyone, but the reality is that I am shy with brand new people.

    So I feel internet dating sites might be best for me, but are they safe and worth it? I don’t want to pay money to be a part of it if the only men who plan to message me are men who want sex only. I need someone who is looking for a serious, long term relationship.

  33. Anny

    I went on several, and I couldnt find a match or someone I’d like to write to. A lot of the girls there post pictures of them running around drunk, and have silly rants. There doesnt seem to be anyone that takes it seriously.
    Dating in person might be the only way to do it.

  34. vanvark83

    okay here it comes tell me your experience if your not shallow. about the internet dating sites. why are women thinking they are going to find there soulmate. what is the hype. i like to hear from you.

  35. The Villain

    I have been on plenty of fish for a long time and nothing has really came of it… I don’t know if it’s just the way i’m presenting myself or not but i was wondering if anybody had any tips?

  36. thexbox360player

    Which one? I am 30 and newly single after being married for 8 years to a high-school sweet heart. Wife cheated too many times while I was at work.

    I am 30 and nervous, seeking some advice.

  37. Dom L

    what online dating sites are best for looking for a person who is a firm believer in Jesus Christ. They don’t have to agree with me on everything and it’s ok to be much different than me, but we have to agree on core issues. I’m just curious. Thank you

  38. Rassling Fundamentals

    My Exxxxx-boyfriend is constantly out looking for me on these sites. I haven’t been on them in over 1-1/2 years. Now that we are done how can he NOT find me?

  39. wwwavid360gamercom

    Select the required income they want the prospective Man to have. But they don’t allow Men to select the physical requirements he wants in a woman?
    Edit: yes, they allow body types, but you can not specify breast size or dress size.
    Edit: yes, they allow body types, but you can not specify breast size or dress size.

  40. opurt

    I gathered this info based on reading women’s profiles and emailing some of them. On more than one profile, I’ve read some comment about “If you don’t have a job, car or you live with your parents, don’t contact me.”

    Are there really quite a few of these types of guys on dating sites?

  41. opurt

    I’ve checked out on a few as much as you can without paying the site and the women often seemed WAY too good to be true in the way they looked and what they “said”.Does anyone police these sites to make sure they’re legit?

  42. sam N

    Some of these internet dating sites seem sleazy and some seem to promise more than they deliver. Which are truly the good, sincere, or authentic ones with good success rates?

  43. Picean

    With my last child I had my tube cut and now my biological clock is ticking? I’m feeling really down about this situation to point I’m crying alot. I really want least two more kids. I already have and I am 31-years-old.

  44. Dana G

    I just got out of a 3 year relationship because the guy I was with didn’t want to get married and have kids. I was in a 5 year relationship with someone who didnt commit before that.

    I am thinking of trying some internet dating sites but will there be men on their looking for marriage and commitment, or will they all just looking to hook up?

  45. Kristian

    My fiances father passed away a little over a year ago. His mom has turned into an online dating junky. She is signed up for several different dating sights. Even his sisters are doing it. (both under 21)

    I think its crazy. I would never go about finding some one online. If he doesn’t show up or a good old fashion blind date. I would be single. So many of those guys are such dogs!

    Would you ever (or do you) use internet dating sites?

  46. mavis24

    Um…I’m 17, and i’ve never had a boyfriend or been on a date before. I guess i would like a guy who kinda likes anime…so anyway, i was kinda wondering, what do you think of me using a internet dating site?

    I don’t plan on using one now. i’m not 18 yet.

  47. Smashing Pumpkins

    Any luck? (no advertisers please-I won’t pay to profile)
    I have been single for a year- after 6 and a half years in a (toxic) relationship. Very happy to have ended that, and on a journey of self-improvement. Should I just wait ’till the right one comes my way or try the internet thing? I’d like to cultivate a friendship w/ a guy who’s on the same wave-length but I’m sooo wary: I’ve heard of good and bad experiences. What are your experiences?

    p.s.I still like to party, but not hard-core like before-I’m more of an intellectual-creative-spiritual type, can I meet nice people on-line?
    What are the odds?

    thanks engineergirl..

  48. Michael

    January 2006, my parents separated and moved into different residences. I had no contact with my father until I moved out of my mother’s house. My mother hates my father and blames his drinking for the destruction of their marriage. She took her rage out on me, so I contacted my father in April 2010 and moved in with him. Before I moved in with him, he told me he had a girlfriend. I told him it didn’t bother me. Soon after moving in, I learned his girlfriend lived in the Philippines and the two had arranged to visit each other, but one always cancelled last minute. She would call a couple of times a week, and almost every time, she asked for money, which he always gave her. At the beginning of June, he told me he was unsure of which “lady” he wanted in his life. I learned about Marge (24) from the Philippines, Vita (32) from Ghana, Anita (30) from Ghana, and two others who I don’t remember. The first from the Phillipines, Roxanne, was 26. My dad told me he didn’t like Roxannr that much because she was overweight and had two kids. He told me he didn’t have a connection with Marge. He didn’t like Anita because she was “moving too fast” and Vita was his favorite because she was intelligent and pretty. I told him I thought something was up with all of them. My dad has a high paying job (he makes over $160,000 a year, bonus not included) and is 56 years old. He said he liked younger women because they remind him of his first love. I told him they are my age (I’m 19) and he told me they weren’t and had a different culture. Two weeks later, my father told me he was married to Anita legally in Ghana. He said her brother represented him in the legal ceremony and that he promised her brother I would be interested in dating him. He said he’s been telling Anita that she was moving too fast and she wasn’t listening. He said he didn’t really realize what happened until after the legal ceremony. Her brother had asked for a few thousand dollars prior to the ceremony. Her brother claims to be twenty, but he looks more like thirty. Anita and my father have never met in person, but claim to be madly in love. If he wants to call her, he has to call her brother, who passes the phone to her. She says her father is dead and her mother is often in the hospital with blood pressure problems. They talk over Yahoo Messenger and video chat. Her web cam stopped working after 2 weeks (they knew each other for five months, dated for two). They’ve sent each other pictures and she wants to be my mother. My dad let me get us on his username and talk to her. I asked her why my dad and she said “love works in strange ways”. My dad is planning on flying her out to the united states but I think the entire marriage sounds like a scam. What are your thoughts? Thanks for reading all of this.
    This woman claims to be a virgin but is very pretty and thirty years old. I find they hard to believe

  49. PolishPokeyPimp

    I’ve never been married, have no children and wish to pursue such after being married to a career for the past 10+ years. I have no problem attracting men, it’s just that at this age…the good ones seem to be taken and are no longer available. What I’m left with is not acceptable dating material. Plus, the sources to meet someone of the opposite sex just aren’t working like they did in my 20′s and early 30′s. The bar scene is not it and at the age of 40, I really have no interest in going there anyhow. Any ideas? And please don’t say church. I’ve tried that and have found very desperate people (men and women alike) that are looking to satisfy a starved soul. Thanks for answering.

  50. everythingisgonnabefine

    Class reunion is under way and we have quite a few people who are missing from our database.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    I can be reached with my ID @ yahoo.com

  51. John G

    Im 75Kg 5ft8 BMI 24.9 , I consume 1500 calories a day as i’m trying to loose weight through Cardio.
    However a relative of mine is a bodybuilder and said i should up my calories, do weights and build muscle and the weight will “fall off” as he said. How true is this ? And could anyone point me in the right direction as i seem to be going round in circles and havnt lost a single pound in 3 months.

  52. steve

    im a single guy in my mid 30′s.ive been on a few dating sites for about 9 months.on some of these site i have not even gotten a bite.on one site ive had about 40 woman check me out but none have gone further than that.so how long should i stay on these sites?i think its time to throw in the towel.look else where.so what do you think about all these woman checking me out and should i call it quits now or wait i bit longer?

  53. have faith

    Okay well I think I am more leaning towards the ipod touch mainly because of the huge selection of apps that they have, the apps are really the only reason I would get the touch( although the family computer in the house that my brother, me, and my single dad share can get crowded a lot, either my older brother or my dad are always on it! Plus the computer is in my dad’s room, and ( I don’t mean to get gross here) but every night at around 10pm he shuts the door to his room and sits in there till midnight, watching porn(my dad is single) and he’s 51 and he’s always going to this russian dating site and looking at 30 year old foreign women(it’s not considered it, but to be that’s a little pedo to do that) and I like my dad but sometimes he can be gross.

    Anyways, sorry to get so off topic, but that is one of the reasons why I would like to get the ipod touch because even though I am mainly going to be using it for the apps, I would love to use the wi-fi internet (when my dad closes the door at 10pm to watch porn and I wouldn’t be able to access the PC) We have a wireless router in our house, so I would be able to get internet on the itouch. Plus I would love to have the handy feature of checking my email on the go.

    And the Apps for the itouch are so amazing, they have yoga, fitness, eduation, business advice, spanish, french and italian translators/tutor apps. AMAZING!

    But I would like the Nano 5g because it is small and compact. It’s so shiny, and it has the FM Radio with live pause and itunes tagging(you can tag a song you like on the radio!!!!!!!! something I have always dreamed would end up on an electronic device, literally!!!!) I could care less about the video camera, I would probably use it to shoot short clips of things, but I probably wouldn’t use it that much. I’m planning on buying a digital camera with video mode anyways, so basically I would get the Nano because of the FM Radio( with TAGGING!!!) and it’s small, shiny, ultra-thin, and compact design.

    What should I get, the iPod Touch 8GB or Nano 16GB?

    And one last thing, Which device’s battery last longer, the itouch or nano?
    I would mostly use the Nano to listen to music, so would that make the battery last longer?
    Would all the constant touching on the itouch cause the battery to drain quickly?
    Please give me an answer on this, don’t say “oh well it depends on the brightness level,how much you use it,etc” I need an answer( I would probably turn off the wi-fi most of the time on the itouch and but the brightness at a 1/3)

  54. sakyue1993

    Something that shocked me as I read Shelly Lubben’s writing and did a research on the web. According to Lubben’s writing and that of other studies on the porn industries, so many male Heterosexual porno actors commit suicide. in addition an even larger percentage of porno actors who act in heterosexual films often get addicted to drugs and live very ****** up lives.

    See this gallery of dead people who worked in the Porno Industry and you’ll get what I mean.


    I’m really shocked beyond belief. I mean I remember how so many young boys and men often would brag about how great it would be to be a Porno actor-just see the various porno forums on the internet.

    Heck I know damn good and well how guys would watch a porno movies and go like “damn that guys is so ******* lucky to have his ****** suck by that hot girl” or “I wish I was as lucky as that guy-I would ram that girl very hard!” and such statements.Heck I was a former porno addict and I remember how I sued to envy guys in porno films who were able to go inside so many gorgeous women and spend 30+ movies doing various sexual acts!

    So basically so many young guys and men often think of male Porno actors who act in straight films as the luckiest men in the world for having opportunities to have sex with so many dead-drop gorgeous women!

    So this really puzzles me. I understand wanting to commit suicide if you’re a straight guy who acts in homosexual movies (trust me lots of guys who are porno addicts or frequently watch porn make comments stating if they had their buts penetrated by another guy it would be akin to the end of the world).

    But wanting to commit suicide for having a job where you have sex with girls who would be the “women of any guy’s dreams”? Most young guys would love for that opportunity! Well I understand how embarrassing it would be if you were married or if you have kids and you have sex for living no matter ho dead-drop gorgeous the girls are but most of these porno actors who commit suicide and/or get boozed in drugs tend to be single!

    Whats the reason behind this phenomenon?

  55. steve

    my long term BF and I moved back home due to his job instability . we have a 2 yr old together. We went from spending everyday together to seeing each other on weekends and 1 day during the week. He does not have a car, so I end up having to drag my son out in the cold for a 30 min. ride to his house with a poor heater in the car..But I do it, cuz of my son. I recently caught him talking to other women on the phone and chatting with them, and he has now claimed single on a dating web site, which according to him , he just wanted to see who would like him. (he’s not a paying member with limited access). I confronted him, and he said he felt I was neglecting him, and that’s why he has been chatting with these women and calling him. I asked if he’s still talking to these women and he said no, but his cell phone ringer is still cut off or on vibrate.He keeps saying all he wants is me, but I see different things.I work 12 days straight every week , and have custody of our 2 yr old, and try to exercise as well to lose weight so I have my hands full most of the time. He just lost his job, but when he was working , it was until 9pm. My son goes to bed by 830pm, and we wake up at 430am to start our day. Now he doesn’t feel ‘wanted’ by me which he says is his reason why he’s talking to these women. Does this sound like a bunch of BS , an excuse to throw his reason for these actions on me??? Or does this sound valid?? He says he’s never had physical contact with them, but at the same time, his phone ringing at 1am with a strange female on the other end, tells me different.

  56. NC Baller

    Here is the deal my wife 2.5 months ago reconnected with this guy she knew in high school from sophomore year on facebook. Since reconnecting with him she has moved in with him only about a month since talking with him. She as told some of her friends that they are boyfriend girlfriend status, but not her own family??? Will her relationship last with him since all the traits that she sees in him are a direct reflection of the traits I have or have had. I think she is regressing to things in our relationship and trying to find the exact same experiences again. The guy resembles me in looks (hair cut, height, wearing hats), hobbies (camping, exercising,etc), the exact same model of truck as mine only different color, same year even. Hey mows lawns just like I did when her and I dated in high school. With all the similarities I think she is going to be hurting her self more than helping herself. This is why, she is looking for someone to comfort her that resembles myself, he is influencing her to get a divorce probably due to his own selfish wants, once the divorce goes through I think his whole attitude will change to the point that he doesn’t need to work as hard to be lovey dovey to make the divorce happen, then she will realize what a bad mistake she has made, not to mention that her attraction to me is still great physical and emotional. We also have a son together and she will get custody of him next school year and I don’t think that guy will want to take care of someone Else’s kid when he has two of his own with his ex wife that cheated on him and left him in the exact same way. He calls himself a christian and brings up a example supposedly to make me feel better and more accepting of my wife leaving me. The example was that He thought of me when he was watching a sermon on TV stating that God puts people in other peoples path ways for a certain reason. Well what better place for the devil to deceive a person than behind the pulpit. I told her that was the worst excuse I have ever heard, because in the bible it states that a man shall not covet thy person’s wife. Which one of those seems more credible to you?

    Who out there thinks their relationship will last or not and for how long?
    Do you think she will be sorry and regret what she is doing to our son, family, herself, and myself?
    Do you think after it all falls apart on her she will come crawling back?
    If she does come back and I have not moved on, would trying over a long period of time through counseling and hard hard hard hard work on her part and maybe some on mine be able to start a new relationship?

    Help me out, what opinions do the good people on the web have for me?

  57. jdubdoubleu7704

    We are both 30, she is married and I am single and we do not live in the same country. Basically, we both broke up with people at the same time last year (we did not know each other at this point, but we met on a “cheated on” forum, even though she was the cheat in her case). Yes, this means she was having an affair, and the guy she “lost” was some jerk who she briefly had “webcam fun” with, obviously behind her husband’s back, and the guy I lost was someone I had dated seriously for 2 years. I did not judge her for having this web-affair as she seemed really remorseful.

    We became very close and our emails talked about everything under the sun.

    When we both started to feel better some 9 or 10 months on, she started suggesting to me that she avenge my ex, from where she lives. I asked why and she said it would be fun, and she’d love to bring down a cheating man like my ex.

    She did just that, on my “behalf”. There is no proof I am involved, but she basically sent letters of accusation against him, to his work bosses, (eg that he drinks on the job) and made-up proof that he was using his job to pick up women.

    Nothing happened re his work, as I saw him (very fleetingly) in his uniform, near my office last week, so obviously he had not been sacked.

    Now, this week, she very abruptly decided she has no need for me in her life anymore – because I told her I was not willing to do the same for her – in return, she wanted me to send naked pics of some random girl she found on Google to her webcam partner’s wife (yes he was married, as well as is she), and to write an accompanying saucy note to the poor wife, saying “thank your hubby for the hot time!” Her point was, I would be sending from another country and thus untraceable. But I was scared, and refused, and asked her to instead think about getting over him, as I thought she already was, but she obviously did not like this. She wrote me a very nasty email and then shut her email address.

    I do feel pretty much over my ex now, and this is, somehow, what she had issues with – she could not get over the guy she had the “affair” with, despite it only being literally a few weeks of webcam fun, and I was getting over my ex nicely, who had tried to return to me many times, and I know this was a sore point for her, as she had tried to contact her “ex” (so, not so sorry after all) and he told her she’d “never existed” to him, and was merely one “ho in a long line of many”. I guess this was when she got really vengeful.

    On one hand, even though she cut ME off when I told her I was almost over my ex, I stil feel bad as she feels I was deserting her by being over my ex, which is really unfair of her. On the other hand, I know she was frustrated that she could not get over her guy, while I was doing well. She always acknowledged that she did not have a relationship with her guy, whereas I clearly did with mine, but I still feel bad about the whole thing.

    I guess my question is, will the fact we no longer talk (her choice) help me get over my ex even more? She and her emails were the only thing keeping my ex alive in my mind, even though I have only realised this since she cut me off this week.
    Thanks Willa but actually this is a different slant on when I last asked a similar (not the same) question about this.

  58. Balla

    My boyfriend and I live in “X” bordertown California, He pays child support for his little girl. Today we found out that she and her mom are moving to San Jose, CA to live with mom’s new boyfriend (who happens to be here in this country illegally). Mom receives full welfare benefits, while we struggle to get by.

    Okay my q is, will my boyfriend have to keep on paying child support since obviously he will not get to see his little girl like he does now (2 or 3 weekends a month)???

    I also have a problem with this woman since she seems to not care about her kid. The girl keeps telling us (bf and me) that her mom hits her with the fly swapper and calls her ugly names. She also tells us that mom’s boyfriend hits her.

    What should I do regarding both situations?
    and yes we struggle but welfare benefits are not my style
    I’d rather work and go to school to succeed thanks Josephine

  59. Erin

    It seems that every pop up on the net advertises dating and there’s the tag line of ‘no strings fun’.
    Gone are the days of romantic meals and replaced with clandestine meetings for mutual gratification, fair enough for two consenting adults but does it breed an unhealthy image for the younger generation in a society already plagued with so many unwanted and unplanned teenage pregnancies?
    i dont mean one night stands, i mean the sites who suggest ‘no strings fun’ as a life style choice.

  60. timq3dimensionscom

    i’ve been single for a little while now and i have had NO luck meeting any nice guys. some of my friends have met their boyfriends on the internet and think i should try internet dating. what are your thoughts? would you do it???

  61. John

    I’m divorced, in my 40′s. I was in a serious relationship for many years, which ended after I found out he cheated, and then he lied to me about it. So, now I’m out in the dating world again. I’m going to singles meetups and signed up for online dating, but I am having a hard time finding anyone. I haven’t even gotten to the point where I’ve gone on a date.

    Here are some of my experiences:

    A man I spent a couple of weeks emailing and talking to on the phone. Good, intellectual, interesting conversations. So, we agreed to get together. I asked him where he wanted to meet, and he said “your place or mine.” I replied, “how about a coffee shop or a restaurant?” He said, no, that sounded too much like a “date” (he was on a DATING web site) and that he only wanted to get together to have sex. I said that I wasn’t intererested in sex with a stranger. So, obviously, we didn’t meet, but he does continue to text me things like “we could be having sex RIGHT NOW.” or “I’m only 10 minutes away…don’t you want it?” Sigh.

    Then, there was the guy who asked me for pictures of my feet.

    Or the guy whose first email contact with me was “are you naughty some times?”

    Or one who in the first email exchange asked me my bra size.

    Then, the lastest guy, who I’ve spent a month talking to on the phone (we hadn’t gotten together yet, because of logistics…I was out of town, then he was out of town). But, again, good conversation. Interesting exchange of ideas. Good communication. So, last night, we touched on the topic of sex for the first time, and he said that he’s just not that interested in it. He didn’t lose his virginity until his mid 30′s, and he turns down women all the time, and finds women’s behavior odd when they are interested in sex, that women cry when he rejects them (I can see that, if he spends a lot of time with a woman who gets invested in him and then turns her down) and that he can take it or leave it, but never initiates it. WTH? While I’m not going to jump into bed with a stranger, I would like the possibility of a sex life in a relationship.

    So…I need some reassurance that there are guys out there who aren’t sex maniacs who only want one thing, or who aren’t disinterested. Are there guys with only minimal baggage who are looking for a relationship with a woman, that is both intellectually and physically and emotionally fulfilling?

    I’m just so frustrated!

  62. Jeffery Carlson

    is it worth it? the vaccine apparently protects against HPV. I’m married and we are both monogamous… is there any point in getting the vaccine? are there other ways of contracting HPV that i’m not aware of?

  63. stingerms

    Neanderthals looked different from us. They actually had larger brains and were much more robust than modern humans. Nevertheless, some scientists maintain that Neanderthals were close enough to us that one could be brought up by a modern family and wind up functioning well.

    I am of the opinion that when we clone a Neanderthal by the fall 2012, care will be required to ensure that this individual be treated with respect. Chicago-Kent College of Law Professor Lori Andrews has stated unequivocally that Neanderthals should be accorded all forms of human rights.

    Yet, who knows how the genetic wiring of a being from another time will respond to the demands of modern society. More significantly, how will 21st Century human beings react to this time traveler?

  64. Jason

    I’ve been single for 5 years and im 26… am i always gonna be alone?

    my mum said i should give guys more of a chance even if i dont feel sparks right away… she said if i find them ok i should try it out, as they may “grow” on me…
    she also said as u get older it’s hard to find that “spark” as it’s more of a young person thing … she said i need to be more “sensible”

    … well that’s depressing!

    I just went to my friends 24th birthday party… She was a little upset about getting “old”… My other friends who r turning 24 next year were thinking the same thing…
    I’m a single woman who turns 27 next April… That makes me feel old… Well actually I don’t feel old but 27 sounds old… Am I old?

    everyone i know is getting married or pregnant… i’m waiting for someone special… but im thinking maybe im juat that person that never finds someone …

    time is running short… should i just settle for someone i find ok?

  65. Vultre9

    I accidentally stumbled across a dating website.What I found was huge shock to me.Almost 95% witnesses enrolled in that web site are divorces aged from 20 to 30.People in there 20s are looking for a 2nd life partner after their failed 1 st marriage and many are open about their previous relationship(that too inside the witness circle)some also claim to be dis fellowship-ed in the past.
    What astonishes me is that all are uniform in there desire to travel all over the world,blames the previous partner for the failed previous marriage and wants a guy or a girl who is funny.
    I know some witnesses who go on a dating spree until finding suitable one.There is no biblical back ground for this habit but the society encourages it.It is really weird.
    After a huge dating spree witness children are finally settling with a single partner and when it sours they simply divorce and again go on a dating spree.This is more rampant in US(where Jehovah choose to set his head quarters and found ministers for his sons future cabinet) and also in most European countries.I really expect the witnesses to be an example for non witnesses in this regard but the opposite has happen.
    I am from a south asian country.Even though I didn’t agree with the Jehovah’s witnesses on many things I am happy to state that witnesses and also non witnesses in my country are morally clean than the witnesses in US and western countries.
    The society even imposes sanctions on the sex life of witnesses but why does it simply guides the un biblical practice of dating?As for as my knowledge 90% of witnesses are having a second and third partner in marriage.If any one refute this claim please go to any kingdom hall in the US and have a look around.Even though genuine reasons for divorce is acceptable and practiced by the israelites.But this 3 and 4 marriage is really un acceptable.I think Jehovah God will not be happy about your personal life style(you are not different from non witnesses)
    The israelites practiced normal court ship that too after betrothal or with the knowledge of their parents.Men are allowed to marry many women but women are not allowed to date men in the pretext of (until)finding a suitable one before their marriage.
    Dating is encouraged by many articles by the society.But do you know that the dating spree is not practiced by ancient jews?Do you know that it is a product of the 20th century?I think it is time to re examine yourselves about dating your practices.
    Edit:Well,I forgot to mention the name of the web site.It was jwmatch.com and I verified some of the people personally and found them to be real witnesses.You please go and do a search in that web site and you will find out what I am saying is true.People in US can even find members from their own congregations.
    Edit: SMILE are you a JW?if so you will be having a book called QUESTIONS YOUNG PEOPLE ASK please go and read the first chapter.If you are not a JW then ask them for the book when they knock at your door step.
    Edit: Porcelain vessel
    Go and read the book QUESTIONS YOUNG PEOPLE ASK ANSWERS THAT WORK page number 256
    Under the head lines SHOULD WE BREAK UP
    The purpose of the courtship is to investigate the possibility of marriage.And if a christian starts a courtship in good faith,he are she has no obligation to continue if it proves faulty.Besides would it not be wrong and selfish to prolong a deteriorating relationship on the premise maybe I won’t find someone else?( compare philippians 2:4).
    These words are taken from the book published by your Watch tower society.People use this article to justify and change dating partners.Even the society has cited bible verses to stress this point.This is more than enough for many young people to go on a dating spree.

    Edit:Porcelain vessel
    You please go to that website and search profiles from your home country and province.There you can find many witnesses known to you.Many have stated their home congregations loaded their pictures in their profiles.If you have any hesitation regarding the search I will do it on your behalf if you state your country and province.I also found some people from near by congregations who were known to my parents.
    Then if you wish,you can report them to watch tower society for violating the code of conduct.

    You can remove my question but you cannot deny the truth about witnesses life style in US and western countries.You can go and criticize the religions all over the world but you and your fellow witnesses cannot stand up to health criticism (with back up evidence)Long live your fight for freedom of speech.

    Can you please elaborate,what are the bad faced lies in my question.Did you meant that US and European witnesses never date(which is un biblical)and spend life with only partner all through their living years.If so I am read to apologize.Show me one verse from scriptures that dating is practiced by israelites.Then I will delete my question.

    Again, you have absolutely NO way of supporting or backing up that statement.(did you meant that I have to go a kingdom hall and collect personal data from each and every witness about,how many times you have married in the past?How many boys and girls have you dated?)

    “But this 3 and 4 marriage is really un acceptable.I think Jehovah God will not be happy about your personal life style(you are not different from non witnesses)” – Not only is that statement a lie, but it’s completely ridiculous as well. Who cares what YOU find unacceptable? God does have an allowance for divorce, which people may choose in certain circumstances. Sometimes people remarry if a spouse dies, sometimes if they have to divorce a spouse for their unfaithfulness. Multiple times being married is not disapproved by God, so long as any divorcing done is only on God’s approved ground of fornication(YES I MEANT THAT ONLY.WITNESSES IN US AND EUROPE MARRY MULTIPLE TIMES SINCE UNFAITHFULNESS IS MORE COMM
    Again, you have absolutely NO way of supporting or backing up that statement.(did you meant that I have to go a kingdom hall and collect personal data from each and every witness about,how many times you have married in the past?How many boys and girls have you dated?)

    “But this 3 and 4 marriage is really un acceptable.I think Jehovah God will not be happy about your personal life style(you are not different from non witnesses)” – Not only is that statement a lie, but it’s completely ridiculous as well. Who cares what YOU find unacceptable? God does have an allowance for divorce, which people may choose in certain circumstances. Sometimes people remarry if a spouse dies, sometimes if they have to divorce a spouse for their unfaithfulness. Multiple times being married is not disapproved by God, so long as any divorcing done is only on God’s approved ground of fornication(YES I MEANT THAT ONLY.WITNESSES IN US AND EUROPE MARRY MULTIPLE TIMES SINCE UNFAITHFULNESS IS MORE COMM

    Any claims you make about a “dating spree” are completely unsupported and ridiculous as well. Jehovah’s Witnesses are allowed to date as often as they wish(WOW,THANKS FOR SUPPORTING MY POINT,YES AS I HAD SAID,JEHOVAH’S WITNESS DATE AS OFTEN AS THEY WISH) as they look for a potential marriage partner. There’s no law saying you MUST marry the person you’re dating. Not all situations work out that way.

    One thing is sure,you must be lying or you must be new to the witness community.Your anger has two meanings one is,you must have married multiple women and two is you must have dated multiple girls.(AGAIN YOU WILL SAY I AM A LYRE.THEN YOU WILL ASK ME,HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT I HAD DATED AND MARRIED MULTIPLE WOMEN? IF YOU WANT TO PROVE THAT I AM LYRE YOU PLEASE TELL ME YOUR NAME,CONGREGATION AND COUNTRY OF RESIDENCE THEN i CAN VERIFY MYSELF PERSONALLY ABOUT YOU,AND I AM REA
    Sorry,I have problem in my net,so add details have appeared number of times

  66. Paul M

    Hello everyone….

    I’m posting this question because I’ve reached
    a real low point in my life.

    I’ll be 42 in July and…. I am desperate to get
    married & have children.

    Some background…..

    Had a serious relationship from age 23 to 26.
    Mutual (and friendly) break-up….. We both just
    grew apart.

    Dated another guy from 27 to 28. Liked him,
    thought he was a nice guy, but was never actually
    in love with him. We parted ways, again on friendly

    Dated yet another guy from 29 to 30. He, too, was
    nice, but he had been married before, and he told me
    he didn’t want to have any more children.

    So I broke up with him, too.

    And now….

    From age 31 to this day (10 years later), I have
    NOT been in a romantic relationship….

    (My, but the time has gone fast!!)

    I’ve tried just about everything….

    — asking friends if they know anyone for me

    — going hiking with the Sierra Club singles group

    — taking golf lessons, sailing lessons, tennis lessons
    (mostly other WOMEN there, looking for a man, too!!)

    — trying online dating sites (match.com, eharmony, etc.)
    (Have had about 18 or 20 blind dates through these, but
    not met anyone.)

    — trying church groups for singles, and even “all-church”
    events just to meet people, in general.

    — volunteering with a number of charities, in town.

    — getting to know people at work, etc.

    NONE of it has “worked” (resulted in being asked
    out on a date.)

    (Although, I have made an awful lot of nice friends,
    in the process.)


    About me…. I am 5 foot 7 inches tall, slender, no
    stunning beauty, but not bad looking, either…. kind,
    funny, nice (enough) personality, etc.

    I just don’t know where to turn, now…. All my friends
    (and cousins) my age are all married with multiple kids
    by now….

    Does anybody have any ideas for me??

    Thanks so much, in advance, for your help.


  67. Miguel M

    My stepson has a child with a woman who has 4 children (1 is his). He pays his support faithfully. She is getting married to baby daddy #4. All her kids have a different father. She does not work nor does her new husband. The child in question is 5 yrs old. She has failed several times to allow visitation. My stepson has documented all of this. Because she is married now, what are his chances of getting custody of his child. The baby momma had her first child at 16 and is making a living out of welfare and child support. My stepson is the only one with a good job and pays. He contacted an attorney. What should he do? He loves his child and so do we. I don’t want the court to let her keep the child just because she is the mother. My stepson is the better provider and parent. I forgot to mention that when the child was born, the mother insisted that the child have HER last name not my stepsons. I feel that this will hurt him in the end. Any advice please – remember it’s New York State.
    So if the mother of the children holds all the cards why bother wasting money going to court at all. The only one who wins is the mom and the lawyers. What ever happened to the best parent should win? NYS Courts make me angry.
    This is why I personally believe people should not have children at all. The mothers play games and work the system and the fathers have no rights except to keep on paying.

  68. nothin_nyce1

    I’m trying an adult internet dating site mainly because the bar scene isn’t my thing. Thanks to work meeting someone at Church is impossible let alone picking up someone where I work. What I’d like to know, women’s responses preferred here, is given that this is an adult site where people supposedly want to meet up with each other in person, how soon is too soon to ask someone out for a date?

  69. Clayton Cottrell

    My husband and I have been married for 8 months now. I recently found out he has profiles on many web dating/hookup sites, including, but not limited to the following: plenty of fish, adult friend finder, and ashley madison. He lists himself as single, looking for an intimate encounter, and also an “attatched male seeking females.” He talks to women on chat rooms, through the messaging on the sites, and on his yahoo messanger. The way I found this was because he decided to use my laptop to download yahoo messenger to my desktop, and when he was done, he left himself logged in, and with a chat box open. When I turned on my laptop to use it one morning, yahoo logged itself in, and the chat box opened. Naturally, I read a few lines of the chat. The lines I read left me itching to see the rest of the conversation. With the user’s I.d. being that of someone with a female name, I was a little concerned. I read it from the top, only to find them flirting with each other. He never bothered to tell her he was in a relationship, let alone married. I saw she gave him her myspace link for pictures, and later, they went on webcam, and she admired his muscles, his beautiful eyes, and the way he looked; she said he could probably just sweep her off her feet with no effort if she was his girl. He told her how much he loves to cuddle, that he is a big cuddlebug. I looked at more of his recent conversations, all from the previous night, and found nothing but him talking to other girls trying to find someone to flirt with. Reading his emails is how I found out about the other sites… and since all his passwords are the same, it was too easy. I printed all my evidence, about 30 pages worth. The messaging dated itself back to before I ever met my husband. The conversations were frequent, and always sexual.
    I, too, messed up before we got married;only twice,no feelings.I learned my lesson when he found out recently.he still does this,and say im fat, retarded, need makeup, and fight me.
    If I knew about this before we got married, I wouldn’t have married him. But, I also remember that he is the guy I fell in love with, and promised to be with through good times and bad. He said that if I leave him, he won’t be with another person till he croaks, because he doesn’t want to get hurt or hurt anyone else… I can’t tell if he means it, or if its just another lie.

  70. Zanto

    I have. I met my second husband through internet dating sites and we have been together for 7 happy years.

    Have you used internet dating sites?

    Good or bad experiences?

  71. louisewoods1984

    I am a mid 30′s M, professinal, single father without much time or desire to run around in the bars. I have used Match, E Harmony (a few years ago) and Yahoo Personals. Match is alright and I have met some nice woman on it but, just wondering if I am missing the boat on some good ones.

  72. Melanie

    Where can I meet good guys in NJ?!?!?!?
    Okay…so here is my deal… I am a 30 year old single female. I’ve been in a couple of long-term relationships that just didn’t work out. I was never the “single” type of girl. I enjoy being in a relationship. I am not a party girl…never was.

    Everyone is always asking me why I am single… I have a great job, awesome family, workout regularly, and I always get compliments on my looks… I love cooking…don’t mind cleaning. I enjoy taking care of my man, while also maintaining my job. I am also the type of girl who will go all out for the man she is with. Is this a bad thing?

    It seems as though I am just always meeting the “wrong” guy….or, better said, not the right one for me…

    I would like to get married and have children soon. I am 30 years old…Where can I meet a good guy?!?!? I don’t go to bars…and I am not in the clubbing scene.

  73. Vultre9


    Many hateful non-Muslims are referring us to the above web sites with their stupid questions that is created by enemies of Islam. Please do not ever answer any question when they refer you to this web sites. It is really really bad and offcourse is not produced by Muslims. This is the best way to avoid their questions. They will get tired when we don’t answer. Also report to R & S about it.
    I also suggest to exchange e-mail address of each other so who ever finds such a non-sense that inform all of us through private e-mail to all brothers and sisters with one message. My e-mail address is: majeed3245@yahoo.com

    Ma Salama

  74. stingerms

    I had a roaring career until 2008. Husband has a business in Phily and in India. My husband wanted me to quit my job and help him in his business in India. I was against losing my financial freedom and my career. On top of it, I am not a business kind of person. I didn’t want to move back to India. My husband put so much pressure by making nasty calls on my cell phone, at work, called my mom in India and yelled at her that she was instigating me to not to quit my job. I finally did what he wanted. Before leaving to India on Oct 17th, 2008 he siad we would come back in 10 days after assessing the office situation in India. I was under infertility treatment at that time. I went back to my gynic and ask her to extend my medicines for another 10 days before we could go with the actual procedure. Oct 31st came, my date of departure. Flight was at early hours and this guy was so quiet about letting me go back (he wanted to fly back later). He pretended as if he forgot about it. I was **** scared to ask him cos when he yells the entire street can hear it (believe me). I was depressed about stopping the treatment. So he took me to a local infertility clinic and asked the doctor (his family friend) to start the treatment from scratch again. So one more round of injections, medicines etc. I conceived in december. This guy came to the USA in january 2009 to take care of his Phily office. Left me back here. I want to go back with him but he said it is not safe to travel during pregnancy. He would only call once in 2 days and sometimes he went for a couple of days without calling. He came back in April, spent 20 days with my during baby shower rituals and again left. After that he only came back in july 2 days after my baby was born. All the while, he made me take care of the india office. I fell twice on the stairs since the elevator wouldn’t work due to frequent power cuts. He doesn’t have a single word of appreciation for anything I did. During the baby shower trip he complained the office was messy. I picked up the broom and cleaned it. Now that the baby is born, I want to take him back to the USA. He won’t listen. He tells me I am selfish. I only think about my happiness. I am a US citizen and I want to go back with my baby. He says the baby can wait but I can go. He very well knows I can’t leave without the baby. He hasn’t gone back since july and he is planning to sometime soon. Last night when I asked when he was flying back, he said he wouldn’t until the office issue with the client is not resolved. He never gave the same importance to me when I was pregnant. He never said not until the baby is born. His parents who live 2 minutes away from the office never made any visitations, no phone call about my health, never asked me to come home. He is so obsessed with the company. He went to some seminar the other day. Came back 1:30 am and then switched on his computer. He was listening to the seminar on the web with high volume when my 4 month old is sleeping right there on the bed. I felt like killing this guy. Each discussion about going back to the US will result in arguments and fights. I get worried that one of these days he might get physical also. He doesn’t know how to treat the baby. He just holds the baby’s legs and pulls him from the center of the bed to the edge to change his diaper. Each time I try to talk to him about anything, he says I am depressed with post partum. We’ve been living at my parents place since last october. His parents won’t invite. He doesn’t want to move out and live separate. He keeps passing comments on my family members and they get irritated that he lives in our house and passes comments on us. My relationship with my mother is also straining due to this.

    Please help me to deal with this guy. I am totally drained out in this relationship. I want to move back to the USA, find a job and lead life as normal. I can’t stay back here and run his business because he keeps yelling at me in front of his employees.

  75. Brian

    Im looking for an older women. Im only 19 but im having fantasy about older women. 30-40 year olds. I sometimes find my moms friends “Sexy” to say the least. How do i go about looking for an older women to mess around with? HELP!

  76. Zack Faria

    So, my fiance and I are getting married January 30, 2010. I was on line researching different venues, caterers, etc., when I came across a site that I did not recognize. I could not find the file in which I had saved the pic of my dress and did a search for it. I found my dress, but also found a webcam site that had been viewed on a date and time that I was not home. I clicked on it and saw a MULTITUDE of women to choose from that were naked, playing with themselves, etc. I am absolutely devastated.

    My fiance was single for many many years and watched A LOT of porn before and after I came into his life. I didn’t have a problem with it as long as it wasn’t anything done on a “personal” level. After all, I like porn too, but I wasn’t aware of just how much porn he looked at until I moved in.

    I would ask to watch with him, but he was very hesitant and kind of skirted around the request. My fiance did not invite me to watch with him. Even after I asked. However, what he did do was watch porn at all hours on the computer. Before work, after work, if he couldn’t sleep in the middle of the night, he would also watch. Sometimes I would be cooking breakfast and I would walk in the office to tell him it was ready and he was watching porn! I felt used. How can I be cooking for you and you are in the next room admiring another woman? Once in while is okay, but constantly???

    Because he was very open about his viewing, he never tried to hide it so it was all over the computer. I knew that he looked at web cams because it was one of the many sites in the history page. I finally confronted him about the amount of porn he was looking at after I found a site where he sent an e-mail to some girl stating how hot she was and if he lived where she was, they could have coffee. ENOUGH!

    That was two years ago. We went to therapy and he revealed he was exposed to playboy at the age of 10 and porn shortly thereafter. Needless to say, he has been watching porn ever since. None of his previous gf’s knew about it because he said it was something he did privately and he kept “that part” of his life separate from his relationships. As stress increased at work, his viewing did also. He stated he used porn as a means of “decompressing” and eventually became desensitized to it which alarmed him when he was unable to get an erection through porn. This increased his viewing as he went from site to site seeking some resolution. The therapist worked with us as a couple and then he treated my fiance individually. My fiance stopped looking at porn when he realized how much damage this causes relationships and how hurtful it was to me. He apologized and stated he felt it was okay because he did it in the open, it didn’t affect our sex life and he wasn’t choosing to watch porn over being intimate with me. That would have been fine, except the amount of porn, the personal e-mails and live web cams were just TOO much for me.

    I am not a prude by any means. We have a great sex life that is spicy and full of variety. Like I said, I like porn too and we do watch together. I don’t mind it at all as long as it is not personal aka intimate. But, here we are, almost 2 years later and I find this.

    I asked him about it and he says it wasn’t him. Until now, I have honestly not found any evidence of porn on any of our computers. I want to believe him, but it is very very difficult. Especially based on the date and time the site was viewed. Like I said, I wasn’t home.

    Trust is the essential part of any relationship and based on this,
    I don’t know what to think or do now…
    I am not trying to change him. I stated that I knew he looked at it and was fine with it…as long as there was NO personal contact! E-mails, webcams and constant viewing to the detriment of our relationship is NOT ok. Yes, I knew he looked at it and I look too, what I didn’t know is HOW MUCH he viewed and how much of his time was spent doing so.

  77. soccermaster1

    for a long time i have felt nothing but depressed and lonely. i’m completing my education at home and have been nothing but used and thrown away by guys in life. I want to find a proper relationship, but all the internet dating sites want me to be 18 or over. I’m 18 this July; but i can’t wait until then. i’ve recently been used again by a guy and its really destroyed me; so enough is enough is for me. as its only a 6 months difference, would it really matter if i joined just a little bit early?

  78. SteveO

    Before I met my current girlfriend I had placed a profile on several dating web sites. The second line of my profile said, “I had a VASECTOMY when I was 21. I am 44, and very comfortable with my lifestyle”.

    I am average looking at best, yet I received a lot of messages from women. Most were younger than I am. About half of them had young children. Several said they want children. So why did they message me?

    I asked a few of them something like, “I had a vasectomy, why e-mail me?”. Most did not answer that question. A few said something like, “Men with no children make better step-fathers than those with another set of children”.

    My co-workers all have sisters, and cousins who are single moms, that they want me to meet.

    Where do people get the idea that I want to be around children? I am not interested in being some woman’s free babysitter. I am a PTSD veteran. I have no temper for noise, and bouncing around.

    I have some friends that are divorced, with no children, and had vasectomies. They report roughly the same experience.

  79. Xbox360king

    my long term BF and I moved back home due to his job instability . we have a 2 yr old together. We went from spending everyday together to seeing each other on weekends and 1 day during the week. He does not have a car, so I end up having to drag my son out in the cold for a 30 min. ride to his house with a poor heater in the car..But I do it, cuz of my son. I recently caught him talking to other women on the phone and chatting with them, and he has now claimed single on a dating web site, which according to him , he just wanted to see who would like him. (he’s not a paying member with limited access). I confronted him, and he said he felt I was neglecting him, and that’s why he has been chatting with these women and calling him. I asked if he’s still talking to these women and he said no, but his cell phone ringer is still cut off or on vibrate.He keeps saying all he wants is me, but I see different things.I work 12 days straight every week , and have custody of our 2 yr old, and try to exercise as well to lose weight so I have my hands full most of the time. He just lost his job, but when he was working , it was until 9pm. My son goes to bed by 830pm, and we wake up at 430am to start our day. Now he doesn’t feel ‘wanted’ by me which he says is his reason why he’s talking to these women. Does this sound like a bunch of BS , an excuse to throw his reason for these actions on me??? Or does this sound valid?? He says he’s never had physical contact with them, but at the same time, his phone ringing at 1am with a strange female on the other end, tells me different.

  80. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    Some guy from an internet dating site found information on me from my name and city I live in and he called me on my phone(without permission) and he said he got the info from the internet. I need to know what is out there on me so people dont do this.

  81. vanvark83

    I just got out of a 3 year relationship because the guy I was with didn’t want to get married and have kids. I was in a 5 year relationship with someone who didnt commit before that.

    I am thinking of trying some internet dating sites but will there be men on their looking for marriage and commitment, or will they all just looking to hook up?

  82. Echo

    I’m finding it almost impossible to meet women my age. It seems like every single one of them is married or has a boyfriend. Women on internet dating sites are looking for someone making way more money than I make. On top of that, I just don’t find most of the women on the dating sites to be very attractive – and I think I have low standards. I’ve never had a girlfriend, and I’m worried that I missed out and will always be alone.

  83. Myles

    this worrying over my head as well and any advice would be greatly appreciated on the matter

    I mean I don’t think I’m ugly or nothing I find myself relatively attractive but I’m not trying to be egotistical here…

    Anyways my wife cheated on me about 2 months ago we have been trying to make things work but I just don’t think I can

    So here I am 29 years old and a father of three.. I’m not looking to find anything anytime soon if we do end up splitting up but at the same time I know I probably will want to find another relationship eventually

    My thing is though I’m afraid of two things 1) I’m already a father a three and 2) I had a vasectomy back in 2007 so I can no longer have anymore children as me and my wife decided we were through having children

    How am I ever to find another woman with these two barriers against me… I’m sorry if I sound shallow but this is truly how I feel and very scared to take that next step with separating because of these facts which I know shouldn’t hold me back

  84. sakyue1993

    I have a Sociology assignment on “Internet dating and chat rooms.”
    I am looking for 2 things:

    1. A video that can be found on the internet about ‘the good and evils of internet dating’
    2. A transcript of what is commonly said the first time people meet on internet dating sites.

    Your help is very much appreciated.

  85. Agent 47

    I am not really sure what is involved with a short-term relationship? Does that mean when girls or guys say they are looking for a short-term relationship that they are kinda easy? Just wanting a booty call or something.

    I am really confused when I look at internet dating sites cause some girls are saying they are looking for a short-term and long-term relationship. Does that mean they want the short-term relationship to turn into a long-term one?

  86. nasty1

    I have been approached via a Internet Dating site by a scammer from Nigeria who wants me to send her money for a plane ticket from Nigeria to the US (fat chance)
    She just e-mailed me a doctored British passport. It is clearly a cheap attempt to make her (it) look like a real person.
    Should I forward it to Interpol?

  87. Benihana

    I want to talk to her somewhere more appropriate and give her my number and facebook but she keeps on ducking the question and ignores my number. How long should i be messaging someone on a internet dating site? Should it be something like a couple ofg weeks until i get a number or is that a silly amount?
    I mean I went on the site to get dates.

  88. Thomas A

    Dear Reader,

    I am a twenty year old male that recently began a relationship wish a beautiful young woman. Before the relationship, I would masturbate roughly 3-5 times a day, every day. My penis would get fully erect and very hard. Masturbation felt great, and when I had an orgasm it felt great and had a sense of relief and peacefulness that came with it. I would cum a lot too, and could recover my erection in about 30-45 minutes. (sometimes more quickly – 10-15 minutes).

    After I began my relationship with my girlfriend, I found my desire to masturbate died entirely…I went almost a month without masturbating once. I still got occasional erections, but they weren’t very hard and never gave me the desire to masturbate. After nearly a month of dating, my girlfriend wanted to mess around on web cam with me. She did manage to get me hard, but it was never as hard as it usually used to get. Masturbating really didn’t feel good at all…I mean it didn’t hurt or anything, but it was boring. We were both on cam, so I could see her and she could see me. Anyway, I used to masturbate for 5-10 minutes before having a strong, pleasureful orgasm. When I was masturbating for her, it took me over two hours to orgasm, and even then it didn’t feel very good – maybe a 0.5/10 on the scale – and very little cum came out.

    Since then, I have still had very little to no sex drive. I have watched porn (as I used to do) and tried masturbating on my own but it is always just the same as the above described experience. Though, when I’m doing it alone I come in about 30-35 minutes now, but everything else (feelings, orgasms, ect) are the same as what I just described.

    What’s going on? Is this a serious issue that I may need to seek professional help for? To this point, I have just contributed it to the relationship because this kind of thing happens to me in every relationship I’ve ever been in. When I’m single it’s normal. When I’m dating it’s like I have some type of sexual dysfunction. Will it wear off in time? What do you guys think the cause could be? Any ideas for a possible solution? Any help would be much appreciated!!

    EDIT: We have been dating for 1.5 months now

    A Somewhat Worried Guy

  89. mavis24

    I have met an man through an internet dating site. “We” definitely are attracted to each other. “We” live in different Countries & the ticket is expensive. It would be great if “we” would split the cost (of the ticket). What do you think?

  90. Travoiz

    I am on internet dating site and many girls say ‘God is very important to them’ and they ‘would have sex after 6 or more dates’. All list their religions as Christians.

    I list myself as ‘Atheist and feel very strongly about it’ ‘Would only have sex after marriage’

    Do you think I would get more replies if I changed my religion answer to ‘Christian’ and ‘I would have sex after a few dates’?

  91. Dr Hank

    OK so I’ve used quite a few online dating sites with no success. I’m lonely and haven’t been on a date for quite some time now. I’ve been trying to hook up with women online but I never get a response from the women I send out messages to on the internet dating sites. I’m beginning to think the whole internet dating thing is a scam and actually doesn’t work. So has anyone used any dating website that has actually yielded good results for them? Thanks.

  92. davemc74656

    it seems everyone is so quick to tell single people to join internet dating sites to look for their partner but how many of you actually truly believe that you yourself would meet your husband/wife this way?

  93. Rishabh Bajpai

    Its all over the internet…..and nonchanlantly displayed for ALL TO SEE….. its in the front page, internet dating sites, videos, chatrooms……theres PROGRAMS on figuring it out. What the f*ck is wrong with humanity? If it wasnt for people being stuck up thier own a**, we wouldnt have any of these problems and trying to look for help!! God forbid.

  94. altair

    Do internet dating sites really work is what I’m asking? At least for some people they seem to. I’d like to hear from anyone who had a good or a bad experience with falling in love on the net. Thanks.

  95. United

    I met a man on an internet dating site and gave him my yahoo IM address. Yahoo states that he is not listed in the data base. How to confirm if he is really who he says he is, w/o paying for a service.

  96. nyyankees1123

    I just got out of a 3 year relationship because the guy I was with didn’t want to get married and have kids. I was in a 5 year relationship with someone who didnt commit before that.

    I am thinking of trying some internet dating sites but will there be men on their looking for marriage and commitment, or will they all just looking to hook up?

  97. tefa_96

    It’s been really hard for me to meet people in person even at my age (21 male) so I’ve been trying internet dating sites including craigslist. Either I have to pay a lot of money or it’s all spam. What are the best sites to meet women?

  98. MexicanDude

    I want to go and meet a female that I’ve contacted through an internet dating site, is it safe to go on my own or should I enlist the services of a local tour guide

  99. unbleevable39

    The first time I ever joined an internet dating site, I was overwhelmed with emails, and in fact I was only on it for a day before I found my current boyfriend.

    I just wanted to know what other people’s experiences and thoughts about it are.

  100. Xbox Gamer

    I’m looking for the best/most reliable internet dating site out there. I don’t care if it’s free or requires you to pay. I’m just looking for the best so I can meet a woman.

  101. Jeff

    I know it sounds like a dumb question. Obviously you aren’t going to give bank detail, address and telephone numbers. But how much info should you give the first communication that you make by email (or what would you talk about instead), this is the first time i’ve tried an internet dating site.

  102. therundown2k3

    I work with all females in a women’s store, so all men that come in are either shopping for their wife or girlfriend. I’ve been on internet dating sites and keep finding losers and pervs. I’m also looking for a long-term relationship, not a booty call. Thanks!

  103. joevsyou

    So you meet a person in a bar, catch up with them again…trust them like you would any other.

    You meet someone online via a dating site and everything suddenly becomes scary. You don’t know whether to give your phone number or just keep it via email and meeting in public places. I don’t know – why not trust the same way as you would if you met them in a bar?

    I have almost zero experience on internet dating sites…hence the question

  104. steve

    Looking at the photos on an internet dating site, you could tell a 30 year old woman from one of 35 without even reading their ages. Also the number of women aged 33-35 far exceeded the number of women aged 30-32.
    Shy Guy virgins need to get a life.

  105. airdogspace2

    Personally, I’d rather avoid internet dating sites for now.

    Please just give me suggestions of where to meet people (think about where you met significant others in the past)

  106. D3ZZY

    Let say a woman is looking for dating, and she sees a man at a public place (eg. Mall, Gym, Library, Beach etc…) that she is interested then what is she going to do? Nowadays, what are the first three choices for women to look for a long-term relationship? (eg. Pay or free internet dating site)

  107. musicistabest

    Has anyone been contacted by a woman name Ekaterina Janitchkina from Russia off of an internet dating site claiming that she is a part of the Road Young program and wants to come to the United States. I think it is a scam but I’m not sure.

  108. ScRSC

    I’m looking for the best/most reliable internet dating site out there. I don’t care if it’s free or requires you to pay. I’m just looking for the best so I can meet a woman.

  109. JimT

    I’m sick of trying with suck up women on internet dating sites, thinking a whole new approach to dating. Maybe writing my name and number down on a bit of paper and passing it to a stranger i fancy in a shop, on the street or work. Its a lot more romantic and requires a lot more balls. Just interested as a woman have you ever been approached by a stranger outside of a nightclub or immediate friendship circle and what tactics did they use?

  110. dubmecrazy3

    Well, to make this short, I have been single for many years & never really had a girlfriend before. Over the last 10 years I have been (and still am) dedicated 110% to my career which I love. Just recently after purchasing my new home a new chapter opened up in my life and decided it was time to begin dating. Even though I’m still dedicated to my career I haven’t had any luck with the females. I’m only 30 & not talking about getting married now but it seems nobody wants to go out on a date or even hang out. I tried online dating, asking around but my luck just isn’t there. I’m getting lonely & frustrated. Do you think I’m only going to be a career person? What advice do you have? Sometimes I wonder if I exist? What should I do?

  111. callofduty5123412

    Is it just me or is it like 100x easier to meet a pretty girl offline and set up a date then it is with a girl online?

    I sent out over 50+ msgs and get 0 responds but offline (im kinda shy) i have couple of girls i feel that are out of my league crushing on me and i have dated… What gives?? Whats with all the fatties having high standards on these sites lol wont talk to me unless i look like a calvin klein model.


  112. Hannah


    I love it! To me, this page is delightful! I am amazed to see a blog with a humorous take on pantyhose that DOES NOT bash them. I am also very happy to see a woman prefer and stand up for the “p” word; in other words, PANTYHOSE! The Yahoo Answers Q & A web site is filled with women asking the following question over and over: What’s the difference between pantyhose and stockings? As a man who thinks that pantyhose are the single sexiest article of clothing a woman can wear, I am frustrated and infuriated by women who use the word “stockings” when they really mean “pantyhose”.

    I came of age during the transition from two-piece stockings to pantyhose. I always found pantyhose sexy and found stockings to be yucky. I love the cartoon balloons on the display of L’eggs pantyhose. LOL and right on point.

    I am also grateful that she is tolerant of pantyhose worn with open toed shoes. If I read one more Internet post having a woman recite the so-called “no hose with open toes” rule, I am going to SCREAM !!! For decades, women wore sandal-foot pantyhose (hello? no hose bashers?) with open toed shoes and dressy strappy sandals; no one ever heard a discouraging word. Suddenly this so-called “rule” appears concurrent with the bare legs are in fashion nonsense, and I know darned well that the no-hose with open toes is just another way to suppress pantyhose wearing. I have no issue with women who have a legitimate gripe with pantyhose, but the pantyhose bashing has gone too far and I am certain that many so called pantyhose haters have never worn them; they just KNOW that you’re SUPPOSED to hate pantyhose.

    I have always had a soft spot for the L’eggs brand. I remember the egg they used to come in and missed them when they switched to cardboard containers. I remember my sister wearing L’eggs Sheer Energy as a young professional and she was VERY loyal to the brand. A female classmate wore L’eggs Sheer Energy in high school, and would readily let you know if you mentioned her pantyhose covered legs, and I thought that was great.

    Years ago, when L’eggs still cam in the egg, my friend was dating a girl who was born in Korea, but adopted by American parents. We both thought she was very pretty. We also thought that she looked like the pretty spokesmodels who appeared in the “L’eggs Sheer Elegance” commercials, which she denied. For a Christmas present one year, I bought her a pair of Sheer Elegance as a present. I wrapped them in paper, then put that in slightly bigger box and wrapped, then a bigger box and wrapped that, and so on and so on. She was so used to seeing discarded pantyhose egg containers being used to hold odds and ends and for crafts, that she didn’t realize that I had actually given her pantyhose. She opened each successive package faster and faster, with great frustration. When she got down the L’eggs Sheer Elegance package, she assumed that it was yet another “red herring”, and ripped the egg open and the brand new pantyhose flew up in the air and landed on her lap to the surprise of her and the delight of myself and her then boyfriend.

  113. sarah w

    A few days ago, I received a message from an internet dating site where I’m listed. It was a 31 yr old woman who wanted to meet for lunch/dinner, get a room, and hook up. Considering I’m much older and wiser than I used to be, I was suspicious. Her profile said she wanted someone to pay her bills and take her shopping. I tried to extract a little more info from her, but she just wrote “goodbye.” I guess she is a pro at figuring out which guys will take the bait.

  114. Sophia C

    Been single for a while, registered a few days ago on a dating site and now someone wants to meet me. Thats great I know, just a bit nervous as never done this before – anyone any tips they can share!

  115. NC Baller

    I’m thirty-eight and the single women my age either have kids or are so stand-offish that I just find it difficult to get to know them. I like women from maybe 24-30. I’m not a cradle robber. Is there anything wrong with this?

  116. Zack Faria

    I will begin with greeting you all with a good moring, its 2:16AM here and I shall now move to my question.

    I am a fairly introverted person who’s daily cycle looks about like this. Wake-up, Cycle/Bus to Work and from Work, spend rest of day on internet writing web applications and doing whatever website building jobs I get from Kijiji.

    On the side, I am also trying to look for a girlfriend, with who I can at least spend some time with, talk/text and go out. In part with a help of a girlfriend I might end up leaving my boxed way of living and move on to explore new things and to grow. (“And by new things I don’t mean drugs, smoking, alcohol or other socially cool seeming crap, I am still dead on rejective of those and will always be, till death takes me”).

    Now, online I usually post mere truth about my self without any “bs” or unicorn crap. I don’t like drama nor do I like to lie, in fact I am probably the worst liar you would meet, its very easy to spot when I attempt to lie, which I don’t do other than to my parents to get the off my back.

    But I find it that this over truthful, respective, honest and fairly simple personality of mine is what drives this girls to simply delete my send out messages. This in part pisses me off, as I would atleast like to see partial effort in a rejection. A simple “Nope” is good enough vs. not replying.

    With that said is it something i’m doing wrong? I honestly send them a message trying to get some more info on one of say they’re listed hobbies. Recently I send a message to a girl who shared a similar hobby as me “cycling”, what the message contained.



    I see that you enjoying cycling. Could I ask, are you into specific type of cycling like racing, exercise or just for fun? I personally enjoy cycling for commuting and staying in shape, as well as going onto wood trails biking. Would you like to discuss bit more over a cup of coffee?



    Eh, if you think “WTF” then your damn right, I seem to mess-up with with a proper way to start off an introduction to a girl I don’t bloody even know.

    Well with that said any clue as to why I get rejected by online dating community of girls? I’m not bad looking and I am a smart fellow, bit strange (“maybe”)? I really think I should just give up on online dating and move on with life, i’m not that desperate to be honest and can probably make it into my 30′s (“i’m 20 now”) as a single guy. But eh.

    Well go on tear up my posts with logical solutions, replies and feel to bash the fact that I don’t know how to socialize with woman.

  117. kiltakblog

    i’m a 15 year old Muslim girl in Canada. I have a feeling a Muslim guy in my grade from my school is going to ask me out. We both like each other. People have told me it’s haraam and i shouldn’t go out with him if he asks, but the the thing is that other couples in my grade simply hang out at lunch time at school and maybe outside school but nothing serious like having sex and kissing and all that. Would it still be haraam if i go out with him if we just simply act like best friends and doing nothing intimate and just say that we like each other so we’re dating? I would have to hide it from my parents and i definitely can’t plan on getting married to him (i think some of you will say that to make it “halaal”). I also wear a hijab to school.

  118. Coffee t

    I’ve had so many bad experiences with internet dating. Either the guy is looking for a booty call, and nothing more, or someone to take care of them. Can someone direct me to a good internet dating site? I really don’t like meeting people in the clubs.

  119. Yoshi

    Hey what is your oppinion on having this profile descripition on a dating site what could i do too improve it?
    Interested in getting to know new people.
    Likes all types of music stuff ,
    i enjoy going out an partying, playing baksetball n keeping n shape.
    nice honest person.
    i open up pretty easily if i connect with someone
    Studying in engineering,
    So ya that’s pretty much it lol

  120. Joe M

    What is the best internet dating site out there? Match? I have actually heard a bunch of complaints about eHarmony, which I thought was supposed to be good.

  121. Scott Bull

    Well I saw this girl’s profile on a Online dating site, it matches exactly what I wanted for a girlfriend, and she’s seeking long term as well.

    So I emailed her, and got an email back the next day. We exchanged couple of emails and she added me on MSN.

    We had a first time brief chat on MSN today for about 15 minutes, but things were pretty quiet. Although she said she’s very impressed by some of my qualities and we share lots of hobbies, and thinks I am unique and would like to chat to me more cause she had to leave today.

    I went back to her online profile, and her status changed from looking for long relationship to just internet chat/email. Also realized she had another 20 people added her to their favorite list.

    I’m not sure where this is going. As I am sitting my exams at the moment, I wouldn’t have time to date and stuff, it will have to wait a couple of weeks after finals are over.

    What’s likely going to happen from here? I never internet dated before. What do I do now?

  122. Bryan J

    I am a 36 year old man i have used internet dating sites off and on for quite a few years now i have met people on there never found a relationship from one and feel most of the women seem to waste your time i have joined ones you have to pay a fee for but don’t really seem any better i would like to know how other people find them (male or female) and do you just carry on with them or give it up now it must be around ten years off and on i have used them please answer i would love to know what experiences others have had.

  123. Mc L

    If you post your profile with or without your photo on a typical dating site, how many responses do you get on average in one day?

    I got 4 in one day.

    Is it like 40 to 50 for a woman?
    Oh. Ok. I guess I had a good first day.

  124. Mistry

    I have recently hit a new low for dating, I signed up for an online daint service. Do they actually work? Has anyone had success with them. I’m not even looking for a relationship just someone to hang out w/. Should I pay for these site or just try my luck on MySpace? Any success stories w/ MySpace? I need advice?
    I need to let people know I’m 28 not 16. How many 28 yr old women have MySpace pages. Its tough

  125. floydian8717

    Seems like millions of people are using them. I always found them to be a little creepy, but hey that’s the way the world is going. I don’t want to be on the outside looking in and in five years be girlfriendless and wish I joined. Do people seriously use sites like e-harmony and match.com?

  126. ericmreitz

    I’m turning 18 in November, It’s been almost two years since my last relationship. I’ve tried looking for a potential partner for a while now. None of the guys at my school are worth my attention, They’re immature an often times annoying. I’ve tried going to to local places my peers hangout as well, and I have yet to find anyone. how often does one find a potential partner on a dating site?

  127. sean

    Can you really meet someone nice and genuine via the net.
    is it worth while?
    what are the pros and cons?
    Have you experianced this?
    what are some of internet dating sites.

  128. airdogspace2

    I have looked on at least a dozen different Internet dating sites over the last few years and I haven’t found anyone that’s interested me enough to join so I could message them. Am I just too darn picky or what?

  129. Jenna

    can anybody give me tips on these stupid dating sites? where i live has a very bad rep for dating. so thats why i finally got on match.com. i went on one date and it sucked. the girl looked nothing like she discribed herself on her profile. after that, i have gotten nothing. no girls ever respond back to me. i have so many interesting pictures of my life. i’m out going and travel alot. i discribe myself very well and tell my interest. i don’t understand what girls are really looking for. my profile shows everything that most girls ask for on there profile! my sister says that maybe i write too much about myself and it makes me seem like a show off. so i changed it and said just a little about myself to see if that will do anything and it hasn’t. any tips? what would you want to see?

  130. isk8at818

    I just started dating her maybe a little more than a month ago. She has two young children, a 2-year-old son and a 5-year-old daughter. So far it has been fun to hang out with her and the kids. I am just wondering if there are anythings I should look out for or any stories I can draw from. I like her a lot.

  131. Jonny

    ok, i’ve read a lot of answers and face-to-face would be better, my situation doesn’t really a lot of going out (single parent, over 40, all my friends are married…….). so what’s a girl to do? if not the internet, then where (and please, don’t say the supermarket!)

  132. lets roll

    Can anybody recommend good UK based Internet dating sites?
    Serious answers only please as my friend is thinking of internet dating (she is in her 40′s, but wants to know of any recommended ‘safe’ sites).

    Many thanks for your time.

  133. sakyue1993

    I’ve posted this before, but I would really appreciate a few more answers, my head’s really messed up about this!

    A few days ago I found out that my partner is a member of some online dating (sex) internet websites.

    It is like he’s two different people – very loving and affectionate around me, tells me that he loves me all the time, wants to be with me forever, hates people who cheat on their partners and would never EVER do that to me, etc but then – I found (quite by accident) that he is a member of these internet dating (sex) sites. I know of at least 6 of these internet sites that he is currently on (and active on, not just signed up to) and I really don’t know what to do!

    Obviously I’m going to confront him about this, but I don’t know the best way to do it. Should I just sit him down and ask him why he’s on them, or should I sign up for the sites myself and message him through them (and let him know it’s me) or should I try and make a *date* with him through one of these sites so that he can’t deny he was intending to meet people from them?

    Also – why would he be on these sites if he’s saying all those things to me about wanting to be with me forever and how much he “detests” (his word) people who cheat on their partner?! I could understand a bit if we never had sex, but we have a healthy sex life (at least 5 times pw) – so do you think he could be a sex addict?!

    There’s no doubt that it is him on these sites – his photo is on his profiles, and no other man uses the computer, so he can’t blame it on anyone else…please guys, I’d appreciate your points of view as well about why he’s felt the need to join these sites (I’m not sure how long he’s been a member of them, but I know it’s definitely since at least March on a couple of them).

    What do you think?
    Wow! Lolz @ Martin – what a woman hater – let me guess – you’re single, right?!!

    Thanks everyone else for the sensible replies, I will just *ask* him about it and see what he says…although I don’t think there can ever be an answer that I’ll think is acceptable for him to be on these sites so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what he says. I think it’s pretty clear about the course of action to take though (which was what I was probably going to do anyway, I just wanted to find out whether other people would think I was being unreasonable). Thanks all (except the psycho woman-hater lol).

  134. wwwavid360gamercom

    Do you think its true that on Internet personals sites women have a big advantage in actually meeting a good partner compared to men? Isn’t there like 2, 3, 4 times as many men to women browsing these sites and sending messages to the opposite sex? Why do you think that is? And if this is true, this allows very average and plain women to be overvalued in the market? More so than in real life? Agree or disagree…

  135. Rishabh Bajpai

    Do you think it’s bad etiquette for people to hardly put any information in their profiles, yet despite you having an informative profile they ask for even more information of you? Although they are not prepared to give anything away about themselves.

    I do of course see the need for discretion but some of these people are discreet to the point of being shady and like a dark horse. It makes you wonder if they are hiding something, and what.

    One such person asked for more personal details including a phone number, which of course I would never give unless it was an exchange of numbers. Even then only cell phone numbers.

    I don’t make an habit of using those internet dating sites but it’s suprising how much information others expect, yet without revealing anything about themselves. I am extremely cautious but did at least make a fairly informative profile.

  136. dealy

    Hi there,
    I am looking for a free internet dating sites. Everytime i google search it, i get sites that say its free, once i register, i see people i would like to communicate with and then it asks for a subscription or i have to upgrade to platinum member or something.
    I even tried a free christian dating site and i have to wait in line as i am apparently the 1678 person waiting in the queue for an account.
    Please help. I am not into anything pornographic, so please help with normal dating sites.
    P.S i opened a tagged account to meet people and my email address was hacked into, please everyone out there, beward of tagged.com its not safe anymore.

    oh P.S : i dont want sites for OLD PEOPLE.
    and i have already tried match.com and all that, they al.l eventually ask for subscriptions

  137. xiM Clutch

    I’m not a fan of internet dating, but after meeting loser after loser in various places (offline) I want to give it a try.

    What’s the success? Why are people always so negative about online dating?

  138. Myles

    I want a lot of dates.
    I want an internet for singles and hetrosexual only, that is the most popular in Southern California, preferable Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Diego County.

    I do not want an internet site for meeting 20 or so people with 3 minutes. I did not like it.
    I do not want to answer an exhausitve amount of questions about my interest, prefences, or idea.
    I do not want asking for my zip code for safety reason.

  139. Jerosh Nagulachandran

    So. I’ve just joined a net dating site, and have had 2 people get in touch. In both cases we’ve exchanged emails. Now the first I asked out on a date – and we were meant to meet last week. However due to unfortunate circumstances this hasn’t happened. Since then I’ve been invited for a date by the 2nd person. I’d like to meet each of them and see how we get on in real life – but I don’t want to seem like I’m being disrespectful of either of them. Should i let them each know that they are not the only date arranged? I really feel stupid for doing this now – and certainly don’t want to make anyone feel like I’m using people / trying to be insensitive! Help!!!!

  140. Matt

    i personally have seen some very attractive girls on there, but sometimes i wonder why are they even on this website, dont they have an outside “dating” life besides this?

  141. RxP DarkBox

    Some people don’t have a choice. It’s either they use the site or they die a virgin. Which do you think they should do? Some people are shy, shut ins, people don’t approach them, etc. I could go on and on. Not everyone has the luck to have someone flirt with them in the library, grocery store, or videogame store. On top of being shy I’m a girl. I do not want to approach guys.

    I expressed interest in dating sites but my mom warned me against them saying they could have rapists and that even if I bring people with me when I meet them it could be a stand in guy and that I could get tricked and when I’m alone the rapist could come out.

    Does she want me to die a virgin. People don’t seem to take me seriously when I say that if I hit 30 and I’m still a virgin-I’m going all out. I will pay a male prostitute or will go to a bar and ask any attractive guy I see to fuck the living day lights out of me until I pass out.

    Now I’m afraid to join the sites though..I feel so frustrated and lonely. ;_;

  142. Joe T

    If YES……How did it work out?????
    Did you meet someone? Where they who they said they were or just bullshitting?
    Did You get involved in a dating situation?
    If NO….What happened???
    FINALLY…..why is it so hard to find a nice person to care about and love??

  143. Jesse

    Just want to know how everyone feels about meeting someone online then meeting in person and start dating. Also long distance internet relationships. Just curious to see the feedback thanks.

  144. Chris R

    I understand this is in the wrong category but i need advice from normal ,mature people. I am a female who just joined one of those internet dating sites. i came across a guy that i really like. First i winked at him and then a week later i sent him a really nice email. I touched base on a few of his interest and told him that i would like to get to know him. Ok looks aren’t everything but if i’m an 8 he’s a 6. we have the same interest and i fit the criteria for his ideal date. He read my email and didn’t respond. Would you send him another email?

  145. Dom L

    boyfriend had popups appear on several dating sites while we were sitting at comuter.. I saw them briefly before he changed screens..
    he says he is not on sites.. would this continue if his profile is not deleted?
    Recently he has had activity on a site which he says again he is not on. the site is hidden, how can these two profiles of other women be saved on his site if he did not save them and his profile is hidden..
    We have been over this several times but apparently he is still looking around.. what the ???
    Can you help please

  146. veemodz

    I am a female who just joined one of those internet dating sites. i came across a guy that i really like. First i winked at him and then a week later i sent him a really nice email. I touched base on a few of his interest and told him that i would like to get to know him. Ok looks aren’t everything but if i’m an 8 he’s a 6. we have the same interest and i fit the criteria for his ideal date. He read my email and didn’t respond. Would you send him another email?

  147. Jermaine J

    I’ve tried Match.com and Yahoo and met some good women, but I felt like many of the profiles were fake and others were misrepresented. I don’t want to go to one of the porn-type personals but I was wondering if anybody has had good experiences with a dating site that is less mainstream, or has anybody had luck with some other method in the Chicago area. I’m a little too busy to be cruising the clubs.

  148. Mak Sultan

    I met my hubby thru internet dating. I met a lotta bums, but finally found a gem of a man…
    Have you any stories to share?
    Any particular sites that seemed good / bad?

    101307 5:46
    Dragonfire, you apparently have some personal issues w/this…no doubt you were burned, Dragonfire….
    People, if intending to deceive, will be so with or without internet use. Deceivers find all types of cloaks to hide behind. It’s a matter of sifting thru the people you meet and using some common sense, seperating the goats from the sheep, so to speak.
    There are people who are unable to flitz about socially and meet people easily in order to make friends. For those who are disabled, invalids, shy, geographically isolated, the Internet is a great resource for meeting people and killing lonliness. So, Dragonfire, you speak from a Zero Value point of view.
    Dragonfire, you apparently have some personal issues w/this…no doubt you were burned, Dragonfire….
    People, if intending to deceive, will be so with or without internet use. Deceivers find all types of cloaks to hide behind. It’s a matter of sifting thru the people you meet and using some common sense, seperating the goats from the sheep, so to speak.
    There are people who are unable to flitz about socially and meet people easily in order to make friends. For those who are disabled, invalids, shy, geographically isolated, the Internet is a great resource for meeting people and killing lonliness. So, Dragonfire, you speak from a Zero Value point of view.


    Do you think it’s bad etiquette for people to hardly put any information in their profiles, yet despite you having an informative profile they ask for even more information of you? Although they are not prepared to give anything away about themselves.

    I do of course see the need for discretion but some of these people are discreet to the point of being shady and like a dark horse. It makes you wonder if they are hiding something, and what.

    One such person asked for more personal details including a phone number, which of course I would never give unless it was an exchange of numbers. Even then only cell phone numbers. I have a spare one I can use for extra precaution.

    I don’t make an habit of using those internet dating sites but it’s suprising how much information others expect, yet without revealing anything about themselves. I am extremely cautious but did at least make a fairly informative profile.
    This was meant to have gone in singles and dating. I would imagine it applies to any dating site though.

  150. stingerms

    Really don’t know if I should ask this or

    not. but is this decent Internet dating web site I just came across at

    ww.DatingJunction.co.cc ? I ‘m not likely related to it in any sense. merely


  151. Mc L

    Hey everyone, I’m fairly new to meeting and chatting with people online, but I’ve met a few gems along the way. I have a question for anyone who has used an internet dating site. If the person posts their username and they have an associated email that coincides with that username, is it ok to send them an email other than being confinec to the constraints of the dating site, i.e. some people cannot read their email unless they pay a fee. Btw there are two foxes I am chasing, hope they’re both for real :)
    No disrepect about these girls being foxes, but they are very attractive :) Also we’ve emailed a couple of times, and one has asked me to email her some photos, which is not permissible within the site. I’m taking it slow, avoiding the pitfalls, and I think sending them emails is appropriate, since they seem very receptive of me.

  152. llb443

    Right now I am overly lonely. You see I have this rather annoying problem of talking to a woman in person. What I mean is that I get overly worried so I don’t end up saying a word. It’s a lot easier to type out then it is to speek if they don’t know me. I’d really like to find some decent internet dating site that could somehow connect me to a woman. I’d also prefer not to pay if possible.

  153. Matthew

    So I don’t know if anyone has ever heard of a website called “thatsphucked.com” but it’s extremely graphic. It displays videos of people getting murdered, shows gruesome car crash scenes, drug lords executing people, disembodied animals/people, mutilated animals/people, child porn, violent porn, and a bunch of other disgusting sh**. IT’S BASICALLY A GORE FETISH WEBSITE. It’s a f****** sick website is the point I’m trying to make and whoever made it should be put in jail and be mentally evaluated. I think we all get curious at one point about murder/violence, like I was when I browsed this site, but this sick-o is on a whole other level. I remember it’s run by one man, I believe in his 20′s or 30′s who calls himself “Mr. Phucked” (He put information about himself on the website) and he even goes as far to say “I’m single if anyone wants to date contact me”, like DAFUQ are you trying to pick up women on a freaking website like this. I’m not religious, I just see this as something that could affect the younger generation who come across it. I came across it a couple years ago (when I was about 16) because I followed a website link from this picture I was curious about and that’s when I discovered the terrible website. There’s is NO DISCLAIMER on the freaking website, when you type it in the URL and go it takes you directly there WITH ABSOLUTELY NO WARNING. Please please please don’t look at this website, I strongly advise against it! Like I said there is NO WARNING/DISCLAIMER. Is there anything I can do in my power to get this website shut down? It’s been up for who knows how long now and nothing has been done about it.

  154. ConfusionnaJob

    He gave women all the power in dating. They have all the options in the world. They get hit on 80 times a week.

    Me and many men I know have been dateless for years. I’ve tried everything from asking women out in public places to Internet dating. The problem is NOT me, it’s the fact that women have more options these days.

    Please don’t give me those silly cliches that there’s someone for everybody. Again, the problem is NOT me. I’m tall dark and handsome. Most of the numbers we got from women didn’t escalate to a date. They simply flake out due to high volume of men running after them.

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